Adding Videos

Before adding videos to the website, you need to set up a free account on youtube, vimeo or another popular video service. After uploading to one of those sites, there are a few options for adding them to your web pages.

Adding Videos using Builder

To add a video using Builder, find the blue “Video” module in the Themify Custom Panel and drag and drop it into the layout grid. Some options will popup. Fill in the fields as needed and click save.

More About Adding Videos and Other Modules using Builder →

Adding Videos using the Editor

There are a couple of ways to add videos to the Editor:

  1. Copy Embed Code – View your video on youtube (or whatever video service you use). Most services allow you to right click on the video and select “Copy Embed Code”. After copying, paste it into the Editor where you want it.
  2. Copy URL – View your video on youtube (or whatever video service you use) and copy the URL in your browser (ex: In the Editor, paste this onto its own line. The website should automatically convert the URL into a viewable video.