Website Users

Managing Admin Users

You may add, delete or modify admin users for your website by going to Users > All Users in left menu of the admin area. Here you will see a list of all usernames in your site. You may delete individually or select many and then Apply a buik delete at one time using the(…)


Changing Your Password and Profile

To update your password or your profile, go to Users > Your Profile in the left menu in the admin area. Modify the appropriate details and save at the bottom. To view all users or edit another profile, just click Users > All Users.


Adding a New Website User

You may add as many usernames as you need for your staff to login to the website. Simply go to Users > Add New in the left menu in the admin area. Fill in the appropriate details, and give the new user the “Builder” role for access to all available Builder plan features. You may(…)