Editing website settings

All websites come with built-in settings that help regulate specific functions and features, such as what page should be your home page, allowing comments, changing default colors, etc. You may change these settings by visiting a few pages in the admin area once logged in.

wp-settingsWebsite Settings Menu

In the admin area the settings menu on the left holds a lot of web settings that determines more how your site functions and less of how it looks. By hovering over Settings we see a few subitems. The main sections you will want to review are General, Writing, Reading, Discussion. The Media section allows you to set default image sizes for images that you upload into the Media LibraryPermalinks are already set up for you so you may skip that section.

Most of the settings contained therein are self-explanatory. We encourage you to visit each of those sections and browse through the different options. Your site’s settings are already set up with the normal options by default, but there may be some configuration changes you would like to make depending on your site’s needs.

Theme Settings

Depending on which template you selected, your site may have an additional settings panel that allows you to customize much of the design, colors and styles.

If your template name is listed on the left admin bar, you may click or hover over it and click “Settings”. If it is not, you may try under Appearance -> “Your Template Name” Theme Settings. Clicking one of these will bring you to a large panel. This is a feature-rich panel allowing you to manipulate many aspects of your template. If you do not see these links, it means your template does not support these additional customizations.

Depending on your template, your panel may look like one of the following:

epanel-settings theme-panel-settings

Browse through the panel and modify settings as you like, then save and refresh your browser to view the changes.