Planning your page layout and sidebars

Planning a web page’s layout involves the following considerations:

  1. How many columns do I want? Do I want a full-width layout? Two equal columns? Or a large column with a sidebar?
  2. Do I have any images, videos or banners to display on this page? How should I display them? Do they need to be the full width of the page? If so, this might affect your sidebar column.


Most website templates come with the option of having sidebars. The sidebar on a page can be laid out in two ways:

  1. Using the Appearance -> Widgets to add content and applying that sidebar to your web page
  2. Creating a two column layout using Builder’s grid or your own html

Which is better?

Generally using the Appearance -> Widgets to add content to the built-in sidebar is best and will allow you to repeat that content on any web page by simply applying the sidebar widget to the web page. Thus you eliminate having to add the sidebar content repeatedly to every page. If you don’t want that sidebar on a specific page, just don’t apply the sidebar widget to that page.