Editing Menus


To create a new menu:

  • Go to Appearance > Menu
  • Add the menu items from the left panels by clicking “add to menu” (Custom Links, Pages, or Categories)
  • To create dropdown sub-menu, drag the menu item toward the right (the item(s) will be indented)
  • When you are done adding the menu items, click “Save Menu” (the first time you visit this will say “Create Menu”)
  • Click the top tab  where it says “Manage Locations”, select the menu from the dropdown to assign it to the navigation location and click “Save Changes”
  • Tips: the custom menu can also be used with the widget (go to Appearance > Widgets and drop in the Custom Menu widget) You may create additional menus by clicking the “Create a new menu” link


The “Custom Links” panel allows you to add menu link to external URL. For example you can create a link to Themify by entering:

  • URL = http://www.somesite.com
  • Label = Some Site
If you want to create an empty link (a link that doesn’t go anywhere), enter:
  • URL = #
  • Label = Link Text

Removing the Default Main Navigation

To remove the default main navigation:

  • Create a new menu (eg. Blank Menu)
  • Do not add any link in the Blank Menu (ie. leave it empty)
  • Save the menu and assign it as the Main Navigation in the Theme Locations panel

To open the menu links in lightbox, add ‘lightbox’ in the CSS Classes field as shown in the screenshot below. If the CSS Classes field is not visible: click “Screen Options” and then check “CSS Classes.


Custom Menu Widget

To display custom menus in sidebar widgets:

  • First create the menu
  • Then go to Appearance > Widgets, drop in a Custom Menu widget to the widget panel
  • Select the menu and save the widget panel